Here’s Something to Gladden the Heart

I received the following Facebook post from my granddaughter, Emily. Emmy is one of the heroes of my stories. She’s a delightful young lady and in real life she is actually very like her character. She has a strong sense of justice, a very good heart and a strong dash of ginger. All of these qualities will make her a wonderful adult. Here is Emily writing to me:

Dear Grandad and Viewers,

I know that we are no longer the little girls we were when you were first writing the stories, but I will always love your stories and I bet all of the other children will too, I know how much you wanted to make a website and now you finally have one! ❤️ So proud of you Grandad! You are going to put many smiles on other children’s faces not only ours. Thank you and I don’t tell you often enough how much I appreciate the effort you put into these stories. You have inspired me in many ways, Grandad. I love you so much. I don’t tell you that enough, I wish we were closer.

I love you Grandad and words cannot appreciate how proud I am of you. You tell me to never give up my dreams, and I promise you I won’t. I love you.

Any old Grandads reading this blog will now exactly how I feel right now!