The Official Launch of the Website

cakeYesterday saw the official launch of the website. This is rather precious, perhaps, because the site has been up for two months but a great occasion all the same. I had made a general invitation at church as well as specific invitations to lots of old friends. The weather threatened to be unkind; we’ve had a very late wet season but the showers held off just long enough for us to have the afternoon tea and launch the site.
Katie and Emily had made a lovely little video so that even though they couldn’t be there in person, they were front and centre of the action. The other star of the show was the most wonderful chocolate cake that Jacinta had made. I directed her to one of the stories and she produced an exquisite cake based on The Treasure of Thursday Island. She had covered the drum shaped rich chocolate cake with glorious blue fondant and fashioned a grand impression of the Happy Haven Home for Lady Pirates. On the top of the cake was one of the ladies, complete with skull and crossbones apron and a bottle of Bundaberg rum. Glorious! I read part of the story to match the cake and people were very kind in their responses.

Now I have to take the message of the site to grandparents and libraries. I’ll do that in the weeks ahead.