Well, it’s refreshing that at age sixty-four I still have unmet ambitions and a bucket list that stretches over the page. But my website has been an unrealised ambition for years – and here it is up and running. You are most welcome to my space.

My family and the friends who have shared my story telling journey will know how long this little dream has been gestating. I have several times begun discussions with people on taking the project forward but something has always come up to frustrate or disappoint. In my naiveté I imagined that it would be a relatively easy process; that idea was smartly slapped down when the first commercial quote to do the work came in at about $15 000. Even in my vanity I couldn’t in conscience commit that amount of money. Imagine my joy then when I was introduced to Alex Browning – a very talented and creative young man who told me that he could do the job for much less. I am deeply indebted to Alex and cannot speak highly enough of his courtesy, his hard work and his commitment to help me see my idea come to birth.

So here are my stories. They divide into two groups: the stand alone stories and the ones that can be tailored by grandparents to read to their grandchildren. This was always the driving force in my writing. I wanted to give something to other grandparents who could come to love stories and their rich power as much as I did. There have always been story books out there in which [for a fee] the names of one child or another could be substituted in the text. The stories themselves, however – at least all the ones I could find- were trifling and not worth the effort. I’m vain enough to think that some of these stories are worth working on. There are instructions on how to do this on one of the sections in the drop down menu. You’re very welcome to use the stories but please do not publish them beyond your own family circle. I want to share them as my gift to you; I’d be very sorry if someone took them for any other purpose.

I love story telling and I’ve always been fascinated by the richness of the inner life they disclose. I hope that you enjoy my journey.