Girls on the Goldfields

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I wrote this little story as a birthday gift for one of the girls. As I’ve reviewed it for publication, I’ve left some of the features that make it particularly suitable for a six year old. The font hasn’t been changed, there are the odd pictures [sorry, Mr Humphries!] and the pantomime characters remain.

The reality of life on the goldfields has been rendered in a naïve style, certainly, but there are also elements of truth retained. The contribution of Chinese miners to the life of the goldfields was enormous. So too was the work of people like Widow Twankey who came and established the infrastructure of a city in the wilderness.

Finally, there’s a tiny walk on part for Stitches, the fox terrier dog. Our fox terrier, Stitches,  had already gone to glory when the story was written  but he appears in all the stories where a lion hearted dog with a noble spirit is called for.