Ashby at the Zoo

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This story has its origins in a story I wrote as a gift for two American friends I met on a cruise boat. The original hero of the book was their grandson: a Seattle boy who loved the zoo. I guessed that he would certainly love a story about saving the animals from a wicked woman looking to sell endangered species to Chinese buyers.

I really wanted in this story to highlight the commitment of the elderly zoo volunteers; with Ashby, they turn the tables on the crooks and rescue all the animals. I particularly like the end of the adventure when the parade of police motorcycles forms up and returns the rescued animals to the zoo There’s a little bit of political comment in there too along the way.

I leave it to the reader to decide whether wicked Trixie Felon has been sufficiently punished; her sidekick, Frank, exiled to the snows of Manitoba, may have got off lightly.

Is there somewhere in the world where you always love to go: somewhere you always feel happy and safe? For some people, that place might be a beach or a park or even a favourite coffee shop. For Ashby, that place was the Woodland Park Zoo.