Princess Ashby

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This little story was the first one I wrote for Ashby when she was just a baby. It was terrific fun to write and Katie and Emily loved it immediately. Set in the tower apartment where the family lives, the physical details of the story – the garbage chute, the basement rubbish bins and the beautiful view to the harbour – are all real. So are Jack and his Fijian friend, Sisi. The rest of the characters are my invention although I am certain that Barbie dolls as wicked as Flora, Augusta, Cindy and Betty are out there in the world causing misery for others.

The happy fellowship of lost souls at the rubbish tip was a joy to create and anyone reading the story aloud had better be prepared the rap rhythm of the cool golliwog and Trixie’s mournful song on the ukulele. It gave me great satisfaction to punish the wicked Barbies at the end of the story.