The Mystery of the Seattle Spider Woman

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There’s a lot of fun in this little story.  It was a joy to work in the setting in Seattle with its energetic street life and powerful intellectual infrastructure represented by companies like Amazon and Google. The story is naïve, of course, but big corporations do struggle with issues like diversity and have committed [not always successfully] to make sure that workplaces are welcoming to different kinds of talents. The efforts to recruit talented women are certainly real enough.

The ambitions of Katie, Emily and Ashby are also real enough. They are very much the people presented here. So are the ladies of the dragon boat racing team – another sterling example of diversity at work. In real life, Ashby’s mother, Roula, is the coach of a number of dragon boat teams in Seattle and her work in this capacity is every bit as impressive as it is in this story. [Both of Ashby’s parents have medals from success in the Australian team at international dragon boating competitions.]

The villains of the story are entirely fictional but I would think that the FBI is probably busy enough trying to protect the American government and commerce from cyber criminals.

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