The Mystery of Loch Haggis

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This story takes up the adventures of Katie and Emily five years after we last met them in The Star of Hind. Katie is now a teacher well established on the staff of the Durwood St School in Whitechapel, London. Emily is a Senior Resident in the Royal Free Hospital in London where she trained as a doctor after coming from Hong Kong. Life for the girls had been much quieter and less exciting than their adventures with Mr Sherlock Holmes but both the girls had been so busy with their work that they had little reason to complain. It was only when the grim winter weather closed in – or London had one of its famous spells of dismal summer weather- that the girls became homesick not just for the sunny days of their childhood in Hong Kong but for exciting days of adventure and danger when they had helped the great Sherlock Holmes solve his most baffling crimes. Little did they know one bleak June morning that their world was just about to change forever…

There are plenty of incongruities in the story, of course. Except in a few places, I have not tried to give Scottish speakers Scottish accents. The action is telescoped into just four days when it probably needs a fortnight or so. And yes, I know: the Flying Scotsman is not a night train; it leaves at 10 am every day. For the sake of the story, it needs to travel through the short June night.